Holiday camps
For kids aged 7-15
During holiday camps children will work on projects, trying out various digital professions, such as web design, game design, and video content creation.
of your Best holiday
Summer Camp Junior, Online
Age: 7-9
For boys and girls who want to make good use of their vacation, find a new hobby or perhaps the profession of their dreams!
Summer Camp Senior, Online
Age: 10-12
For boys and girls aged 10-12 who are fond of modern technologies, gadgets and computer games, dream of learning to program or are simply prone to creativity.

Game Design Camp, Online
Age: 10-12
For boys and girls aged 10-12 who are fond of modern technologies, gadgets and computer games dream of learning how to create their own or are simply inclined to be creative.

Python Bootcamp, Online
Age: 12-15
For boys and girls aged 12-14 who are already familiar with Python or other programming language and who want to embark on a weekly journey of creative problem solving

Children will learn the principles of programming and multimedia work that can develop into an exciting hobby, as well as being useful in school.
The children will be divided into two age groups. The themes and activities in each group are adapted to the developmental needs of the child.
The storyline connects all the modules together and turns them into a game. At the end of each module children have
a chance to demonstrate their project.
We study
We play
We create
Our learners
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Focus on
Approach tasks creatively, experiment and not being afraid to make mistakes.
Work in a team, dividing tasks, finding compromises and communicating ideas effectively.
Not being afraid of public performances and confidently demonstrate projects in front of an audience.
Don't miss the opportunity
to give your child
unforgettable holidays!
soft skills
It will be interesting for everyone!
Online Teacher-led classes, in groups of up to 10 students.
There will not be any exams or tests but children will immediately apply their new skills in practice by creating their own projects.
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Who is this course appropriate for?
Boys and girls aged 7-15 who show an interest in modern technology, gadgets or computer games, dream about learning to code, or who just have a creative side to their personality. No special skills, experience of coding or technical mindset are required. And there's no need for top grades in math – we teach them everything
Who developed the programming course?
The curriculums for all of our courses are developed by a team of professional teachers with backgrounds in pedagogy and psychology. Our leading teachers have PhDs and international experience of working on technology projects and in schools. They regularly update our existing courses, taking onboard the latest trends in IT, education and children's lives.
What will my kid need for their classes?
All you need is a stable internet connection, a PC or laptop with Windows 7/Mac OS X version 10.10 or above, and headphones plus a microphone if desired. Classes take place on the Algorithmics learning platform. You don't need to download any programs (except for Game Design course where Roblox Studio needs to be installed before enrolling).
Will my child receive a certificate when they complete their course?
Yes, all of our graduates receive an electronic certificate confirming that they've developed their knowledge and skills with Algorithmics.
How much do Holiday Camps cost at your school?
Send us a study request and our consultants will soon contact you shortly. They'll make you an offer based on the chosen option as well as any discounts you may be eligible for.
If you have questions or suggestions,
write to us at or phone on +48 538 332 987, +48 538 337 153, +48 660 787 937
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